Household insurance – Garanta Confort

Home is where all your worries should disappear!

Your assets define your personal space and reflect your daily effort for your welfare and the welfare of your loved ones. For a permanent protection of your home and for the certainty you must feel when you leave home, we offer you an insurance policy that can cover all you need:

Object of insurance

  • Buildings and other dwelling-designed constructions, annexes (garages, warehouses, stables, pools, summer kitchens which are separated from the house).
  • Household goods (furniture, household assets, optical, electrical and electronically devices).
  • Assets in annexes (tools and other articles).

Risks covered

  • Flexa (fire, lightning, explosion and fall of aircraft).
  • Natural disasters (earthquake, land slide, floods).
  • Atmospheric Risks (torrential rain, hail, storm, tornado, hurricane, weight of snow/ice layer and snow avalanches.)
  • Risk of impact (sonic boom, motor vehicles impact, fall of objects – other than aircraft).
  • Home technical assistance (for emergency situations, up to maximum 200 EUR).

Additional covers

  • Burglary and other acts of robbery.
  • Destructions caused by burglary.
  • Infiltrations and accidental flood.
  • Accidental damages to equipment/installations serving the building.
  • Debris removal costs.
  • Vandalism and malicious acts.
  • Third party liability.

Sums insured

  • The house is insured for the value declared by the client and agreed by GARANTA ASIGURARI.
  • Household assets are insured separately for each group of assets, for the sums declared by the Insured.

GARANTA ASIGURARI authorized to issue obligatory insurance policies against natural disasters (PAD) on behalf of the Insurance Pool Against Natural Disasters.