Property insurance claims

Fill in the claim form for property insurance and sent it via e-mail at in 24 hours from the moment the insured event took place (or you took act of it) and a claim officer will contact you at the phone number you filled in the form.

Necessary documents:

  • Identity documents (ID card, passport) for the person signing the statement.
  • Proxy in case of insured – legal persons / notarial proxy in case of insured – natural persons for the person signing the survey, if different than the insured.
  • Statements of the involved parties; the statements will be submitted in the presence of the insurer ‘s representative (if the case).
  • Documents proving the ownership and / or location of goods if the case. (if the case.).
  • Documents issued by the authorities competent to investigate the causes and circumstances of the events – original or copy certified by the issuer (if the case).

When evaluating the damages, the insurer’s representative shall mention the rest of the necessary documents that are required to complete the file on the survey report.

Report a damage

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Damage Center

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