Insurance for your company.

In order to ensure the optimal operation and the desired profit, any business requires an investment, whether it is equipment, machinery or human resources.  Unfortunately, a wide range of events can negatively affect your business, from economic factors to natural calamities or accidents, without you having control over the situation.

To meet undesirable situations and cover losses, we provide you with a range of flexible insurance that can protect your business at all times.

Group life insurance

Term life insurance, designed for legal persons, covering for one year the death risk for the members or employees.

Motor insurance - CASCO

Your car fleet is one of the segments of your business that you need to control and manage as well as possible.

Property insurance

Ensure your assets in order to protect your investments and the success you have been working so hard for!

Personal accidents insurance

No matter the type of your business, it is important that your employees are and feel safe all the time.

Contractors' all risk insurance

Regardless of the situation, you must protect your team and your belongings, so that nothing diverts you from your plans.

Cargo Insurance

Protect your goods during their transportation or storage so that they reach their destination safely. 

Electronic equipment insurance

Technology is vital for any business and it is exactly for this reason that you need to make sure that no matter what happens, your activity is not impacted on.

Third party liability insurance

There are cases in which we are liable for possible accidents or damages caused to persons with whom we have a contractual relation or not, being bound to compensate the damages incurred.

Construction machinery insurance

When your machinery is unavailable, it can turn out to be more than a financial loss, because it can keep you from abiding the terms agreed or even from finalising a project you committed yourself to.

Contractors' plant and machinery insurance

We are aware that construction equipment, installations and machinery represent major expenses when you want to build professionally and deliver a quality product.