Construction machinery insurance

When your machinery is unavailable, it can turn out to be more than a financial loss because it can keep you from abiding the terms agreed or even from finalising a project you committed yourself to.

Object of insurance

  • Self-propelled machinery and equipment attached to it or pulled by it (electric forklifts, forklifts, agricultural tractors and machines, bucket cranes and other similar equipment, not subject to registration)

Covered risks

  • Fire and natural calamities: fire, lightning, explosion (including the explosion of the fuel tank or compressed air tank), even if the lightning or explosion were not followed by fire, torrential rain, hail, flood, storm, hurricane, earthquake, land collision or land slide, weight of the snow or ice layer, snow avalanches, fall of objects on the construction where the machine is stored, fall of objects on the machine.

  • Accidents: collisions, hits or impacts with other vehicles or with any other mobile or immobile objects outside or inside the insured equipment, skidding, scratches, falls (fall in abyss, fall in water due to bridge breaking down, etc.) and overturns.

Additional covers

  • Total or partial theft.

Sums insured

  • Machines are insured at their fair value (new replacement value less the wear).