Contractors’ plant and machinery insurance

We are aware that construction equipment, installations and machinery represent major expenses when you want to build professionally and deliver a quality product. 

This is why we protect your goods within your location, taking care that your projects are finalised in time and in the best possible conditions.

Object of insurance

  • Construction installations, machines and equipment such as lifting, drilling and other machinery (bulldozer, bucket cranes, etc.) inside the site.

Risks covered

  • Material damages incurred to insured construction installations, machines and equipment, due to any event except for the exclusions mentioned in the insurance conditions.

Additional covers

  •  Work overtime, during night and fast transport expenses.
  • Air transport expenses.
  • Insurance of underground machines and equipment.
  • Internal transit insurance.
  • Insurance of drilling machines and equipment for water wells (in case of specific equipment).
  • Strike, riot and civil commotion.

Sums insured

Equipment / installations are insured at their new replacement value, according to a list including the equipment, installations, their identification elements and values.