Comfortable, wherever travelling!

When you are away from home travelling, you shouldn’t worry about unpredictable medical expenses. So don’t forget to include in your luggage the travel health insurance Garanta EXPLORER for a holiday full of happy selfies!

Insured risks

Garanta Explorer offers you financial protection covering the subsequent expenses (i.e. medical assistance, transport and other types of eventual necessary expenses) due to the occurrence of one of the insured risks during your trip, according to the selected package.


Trip purpose

  • Travel
  • Business

Insured Persons

  • Individuals with permanent residence in Romania.

Insured period

  • The travel period can not exceed 60 days.

WHAT TYPE OF EXPLORER ARE YOU? Chose the Package that suits you best!

Territorial Coverage Europa Whole World except USA & Canada Whole World
Maximum Insured Amount 15.000 € 30.000 € 50.000 €
24/7 Call Center Z Z Z
Medical expenses
(outpatient and hospitalization)
Emergency dental treatment 150 € 250 € 350 €
Repatriation Z Z Z
Body Repatriation Z Z Z
Extended Accommodation Z Z Z
Dispatch of emergency messages Z Z Z
Repatriation of Co-travelers in case of death Z Z Z
Minors left unattended
(Accommodation & Transportation costs)
V 150 €/day
(up to 7 days)
150 €/day
(up to 7 days)
Costs for a co-traveler accompanying the Beneficiary (Accommodation & Repatriation costs) V 100 €/day
(up to 7 days)
100 €/day
(up to 7 days)
Visit of a relative
(Accommodation & Transportation costs; Hospitalization > 7 days)
V 100 €/day
(up to 7 days)
100 €/day
(up to 7 days)
Personal Liability V 1.000 € 5.000 €
Baggage loss or damage V 500 € 500 €
Baggage delay V 150 €
(more than 6h delay)
150 €
(more than 6h delay)
Flight delay V 150 €
(more than 6h delay)
150 €
(more than 6h delay)
Loss of documents V V 250 €
Curtailment V V 1.000 €

More than a regular explorer? Apply for the specialized covers!

Amateur practice of winter sports (ski, snowboarding and others) Z
Search and rescue costs 10.000 €
Reimbursement of costs of a ski pass 250 €
Benefit in case of closure of ski slopes 20 €/day/person
(max 200 €)
Reimbursement of costs of ski equipment rental 20 €/day/person
(max 200 €)
Trip Cancellation (including flight tickets) 1.000 € / person
Towing service up to the nearest garage (during the trip) 250 €

Territorial Coverage

  • Europa: the whole geographic Europe, including Russia, Mediterranean Countries and Islands* (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta), Jordan, Canary Islands and Madeira Island.
  • Whole World except USA & Canada: All countries of the world, except USA and Canada.
  • Whole World including USA & Canada: All countries of the world, including USA and Canada.

The insurance contract is concluded before the departure only and it doesn’t cover the risks occurred in Romania.

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CORIS Assistance SRL

In case of occurrence of one of the insured events, contact our international collaborator by phone
+40-317.30.99.53, available 24/7