Whole life insurance

You reap what you sow. In other words, we should think that, no matter how close or far the moment of our disappearance is, it is preferable to make sure that our family will not have to bear any possible debts or, even better, will collect an amount of money to help them surpass the financial shock of our loss.

By concluding a whole life insurance policy, at the unfortunate time of our disappearance, the assigned beneficiaries or heirs will collect the amount of money set in the insurance contract.

Risks covered

  • It covers the risk of death from any cause, throughout the insured’s life.


  • Unlimited.

Insured person

  • Minimum 18 years – Maximum 65 years at the commencement date of the insurance policy.

Insurance Indemnity

  • The amount of money that the designated beneficiary will receive if the unwanted event of death occurs.

Payment Frequency

  •  Annual, Half-quarterly, Quarterly or Monthly.


  • Permanent protection with a constant premium.
  • Tax free saving product.
  • Profit participation payable starting with the third year of insurance (on client request).
  • Available option for limited premium payment.

For a complete protection, according to your needs, you can add to the base insurance, one or more additional riders, as detailed below. The riders can be attached to the policy at the issue date or thereafter at any anniversary date.


Total and Permanent Disability Rider

Covers total incapacity, due to illness or accident, of the Insured Person to provide any employment or profit bearing this total disability continued uninterrupted for at least 12 months.

This state of disability must be permanent and permanent, according to medical documents issued by the certification components.

Hospitalization Daily Allowance Rider

Covers the hospitalization payments as a result of an accident or illness suffered by the Insured Person. An allowance will be paid for each day of hospitalization accordingly to the insured amount set for each day of hospitalization (25/50/75/100 Ron / day).

Same hospital daily allowance will be granted for a number of days of outpatient treatment and convalescence equal to the number of days of hospitalization. For treatment in the resuscitation department, hospital daily allowance will double.

Critical Illness Rider

Cover the Insured Person diagnosis with one of the following conditions: myocardial infarction, head trauma (acute cerebral circulatory failure), diseases of the coronary arteries-By requiring bypass surgery, cancer, renal failure, organ transplant, paralysis or blindness.

Accidental Death Rider

Cover the risk of death of the insured person, arising out of an accident, the entire duration of the additional insurance.

Waver of premium Rider

Make takeover premium payment obligation by the guarantor in case the Insured Person becomes invalid in whole or potentiometers due to an accident or illness.

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