Property insurance

Nature does not always sustain us, being unpredictable, yet your business must go on no matter what. Ensure your assets in order to protect your investments and the success you have been working so hard for!

Object of insurance

  • Buildings (industrial halls, administrative offices, warehouses, etc.)
  • Annexes (ring fences, platforms, tanks, swimming pools, fountains and other property that have the functional role of a building).
  • Fixed assets (machinery and other capital goods, office equipment, etc.)
  • Inventory objects, stocks.

Basic covers

  • Flexa (fire, lightning, explosion and fall of aircraft).
  • Natural disasters (earthquake, land slide, flood).
  • Atmospheric risks (torrential rain, hail, storm, tornado, hurricane, weight of the snow/ice layer and snow avalanches).
  • Impact risks (fall of objects on the construction).

Additional covers

  • Burglary: covers burglary and/or acts of robbery, violence or threat stipulated by the penal code – only for the content.
  • Destructions caused due to burglary.
  • Accidental infiltrations/floods.
  • Accidental damages to installations serving the building.
  • Professional fees (engineers, experts, etc.)
  • Damages due to leakages of sprinkler systems.
  • Fire extinguishing expenses.
  • Debris removal expenses.
  • Damages caused by vehicles impact.
  • Strikes, riots and civil commotions.
  • Vandalism and malicious acts.
  • Sonic boom.

Sum insured

Goods are insured at their fair value (reconstruction value or new replacement value, less the wear).