Life insurance

Life Insurance represents a method of financial protection covering the risk of death from any cause. It can be purchased/concluded for a fixed or indefinite period. Except term life insurance, other types of insurance are with capital accumulation. Insurance with accumulation of capital offers you both financial protection as well as a saving method, in addition to the insured amount, you also cash in the profit.

To satisfy your need for a secure and peaceful life, you must consider an extra protection method that you can have full control of, no matter what your future holds, choosing the most appropriate life insurance for you.

Essential life insurance

To know that your beloved ones are financially safe? To have a safety net in case of unpredictable events that can affect the financial wellbeing of the entire family?

Term life insurance

For most of us, family and its safety rank first in our list of priorities. Yet, we do not all realise that family safety refers not only to the present, but mostly to the future.

Endowment life insurance

We should make sure that, no matter what happens to us, our family income will not be impacted on and that, when we retire, we will be able to keep the lifestyle we have now.

Whole life insurance

We should think that, no matter how close or far the moment of our disappearance is, it is preferable to make sure that our family will not have to bear any possible debts.

Life insurance for children

By concluding a JUNIOR life insurance policy for children, you make sure that, at the end of the insurance contract, the child will get the sum set by you and something extra.

Life insurance packages

By concluding a GARANTA CAPITAL life insurance policy, you will benefit of full protection, being covered for most of the situations which may affect your path in life.