Garanta Asigurari comes to support goods carriage companies with the CMR Insurance, designated to the financial protection of the business and the goods carried.

Even if it is an optional insurance, Garanta’s Carrier’s Liability Insurance can increase the chances of your business success, as a CMR insurance policy can be the criteria that makes the difference in getting a transportation order!

Territorial Coverage

CMR: covers public road carriage of goods carried out within the territory of two different countries (with or without the transit of one or more countries) and at least one of them is a contracting country of the C.M.R Convention.

RTR: covers public road carriage of goods carried out within territory of Romania only, from the time of taking over the goods to the time of delivery.

Risks covered:

The coverage is in accordance with the Articles 17 and 23 of the C.M.R. Convention signed in Geneva on May 19, 1956, to which Romania became a Contracting country by signing the Decree no. 451/1972 covering the carrier’s liability for:

  • Total or partial loss of the goods;
  • Damage of the goods;
    being covered also:
  • carriage charges, customs duties and other charges incurred in respect of the transport/carriage of the goods;
  • damages caused by delay in delivery

Additional coverage included by Garanta

  • Expenses arising out of the goods deliverance, damage limitation or prevention – within the sublimit of € 5,000 per event
    (or the equivalent of currency of the policy);
  • Expenses arising out of the destruction of the damaged goods – within the sublimit of € 3,000 per event
    (or the equivalent of currency of the policy);
  • Charges incurred in respect of court expenses with the prior consent of the Insurer – within he sublimit of € 3,000 per event
    (or the equivalent of currency of the policy);

Additional clauses

  • Theft – covers the risk of theft (through burglary or robbery) of goods;
  • Frigo – covers damage of perishable goods (chilled / frozen) by depreciation or alteration as a result of the risk of accidental damage of refrigeration during carriage;
  • Cabotage – covers any damage caused to the goods carried during the cabotage operations performed by the Insured in the Member States of the EU. which allow such operations;
  • Handling – covers the material damage produced directly to the goods carried as a result of their handling (loading, unloading, stowage, anchorage) performed by the persons acting on behalf of the Insured;
  • Tractor – covers the Insured’s liability as a carrier for goods carried by road with haulers/ long haulers that are not owned by the Insured and have not been (must not be) declared to the Insurer but are drawn by a vehicle under the direct exploitation of the Insured under a valid contract;
  • Container – covers the material damage directly produced to the containers in which the goods carried are stored.

The insured period

The insurance contract is concluded for a period of one year.