CASCO Novus –  Motor insurance

Do you have a new car? Then you definitely want to keep it as new. Insurance CASCO NOVUS is what you need – simple, fast, efficient. And specially thought for new cars at a great price.

Object of insurance

Cars belonging to natural persons and subject to registration in Romania, which cumulatively fulfill the following conditions:

  • cars up to 14 months old;
  • car value up to EUR 65,000;
  • horsepower up to 160 kw.
  • maximum authorized mass up to 3.5 T;

Covered risks

  • Damages caused by collisions, hits or impacts with other vehicles or with other mobile or immobile objects, scratches, fall of objects on the motor vehicle, skidding or overturning.
  • Damages caused by fire, lightning, explosion, torrential rain, hail, flood, storm, hurricane, earthquake, land collapse or land slide, weight of the snow or ice layer, snow avalanches, fall of objects on the construction where the motor vehicle is parked.
  • Theft of the vehicle, of some parts or components thereof and damages due to theft or theft attempt.
  • Road Assistance in Romania: the cost for towing the vehicle to the nearest repair facility or its owner residence.

Insured Sum

  • Motor vehicles are insured at their market value obtained automatically from specialized IT systems. If this is not possible, the insured sum would be calculated based on the Insurer’s own estimation algorithm, taking into consideration the new value of the vehicle and wear coefficients differentiated according to its age, mileage and maintenance status at the policy issuance date.

Additional covers

  • The motor vehicle being driven by other persons than the insured.


  • Favorable rates according to the age of your car.
  • Possibility of insuring partial damages without deductibles.