ELECTRIC CASCO – Motor insurance

Discover the most comprehensive CASCO product from GARANTA, dedicated exclusively to electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid auto vehicles.

Object of insurance

I. Motor vehicles subject to registration in Romania which meet the following conditions and are owned by legal entities :

  • exclusively electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid cars and off-road vehicles (SUVs)
  • maximum 60 months old;
  • new value up to EUR 60,000 for electric vehicles
  • new value up to EUR 65,000 for hybrid, plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • horsepower up to 160 kw.

II. Accessories installed by the manufacturer, only if they were mounted and were in the vehicle and the damages or destructions occurred together with those caused to the vehicle, from any of the reasons included in the Insurance.

Covered risks

  • Collisions, hits or impacts with other vehicles or with any other mobile or immobile objects outside or inside the insured vehicle, overturning, skidding, scratches, falls (falling into the abyss, falling into the water of the vehicle during the transshipment, falling due to the rupture of the bridge, the fall on the vehicle or on the building / construction in which it was located, of some bodies such as: trees, blocks of ice or snow, boulders, etc.).
  • Fire, explosion (including explosion of fuel tank or gas or compressed air tank), even if not followed by fire.
  • Direct impact with domestic or wild animals.
  • Fissure, cracking of the glazed surfaces of the insured vehicle as a result of an accident
  • Vandalism damages, as defined in the general conditions

Included coverages

  • Theft of the vehicle
  • Theft by burglary of certain components or part, pieces of series features from the inside of the motor vehicle
  • Damages as a result of theft or attempted theft
  • Damages of accessories installed by the manufacturer
  • Expenses made for the containment of damages if necessary following the occurrence of any insured risks.
  • Damages caused to the vehicle as a result of measures taken to save it.
  • Traffic outside public roads
  • Roadside assistance for emergency situations, up to EUR 200/event and maximum 2 such events during the insured period.
  • Driving the car by persons other than the insured

Additional Coverage

  • Additional equipment fitted to the vehicle, other than the manufacturer’s equipment, can be insured at maximum 10% of the motor vehicle new value, for an additional insurance premium.

Insured Sum

  • Motor vehicles are insured at their market value obtained automatically from specialized IT systems. If this is not possible, the insured sum would be calculated based on the Insurer’s own estimation algorithm, taking into consideration the new value of the vehicle and wear coefficients differentiated according to its age, mileage and maintenance status at the policy issuance date.
  • For new vehicles between 0 – 100 km on board, the insured sum will be equal to the invoiced purchase value.


  • No deductibles option for partial damages for vehicles up to 14 months old, if no other condition impose the deductible.
  • Payment in 1, 2 or 4 installments.
  • Fast & fair indemnity payment
  • Automatic replenishment of the insured amount in case of damage
  • Renewal of the policy under same terms and conditions without risk inspection.